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We are a Saigon-based furniture firm with a passion for offering hand-crafted furniture influenced by modern and contemporary movements. Rooted in a tropical country, where energy and enthusiasm run in our veins, we seek to infuse Vietnamese’s sense of dynamism and optimism into each and every single work.

Inspired by the blending cultures between the east sky and the west wind, we use woud (wood) - nature’s original material to craft European furniture designs with a youthful spirit in mind that people feel with all senses.

About Us
Design with Passion

As a design-driven company, we are dedicated to creating furniture that is optimal in function and aesthetic in detail. With a strong sense of the latest trends and of lifestyle, we offer contemporary furniture that is youthful in spirits, unique in styles, and elegant in designs. Our knowledge and passion for wood are as deep as our roots in Vietnam. Our solid wood is strong and ages incredibly well with time, while our rich materials make Woudsense’s designs associate well with different styles but still maintain a strong and clear identity.

About Us
Made in Vietnam

We are proud that our well-designed products are 100% R&D and made in Vietnam. Every process of manufacturing takes place in a 4200sqm factory just one hour away from the Woudsense design office. Flooded with tropical sunlight all year round, the factory is an open space buzzing with activities with more than 128 qualified staff. There, our craft- people continue to master their skilled work: wood-working, frame-making, upholstery, cutting, and sewing.

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Made with Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship culture, which is the core of Woudsense’s business, is the sincere love for well-designed products, meticulously made with dedication and passion. The craftsmanship that Woudsense emphasizes is paying attention to details and caring about every tiny aspect of a product. In Woudsense’s wide factory which produces 10~15 cont. of capacity per month, our know-how staff continues to create high-quality products with their small but meticulous hands. Our Vietnamese hands may be tiny but the skills we have are globally recognized. Woudsense is proud to create highly aesthetic furniture pieces that even the hardest markets such as Northern America, Europe, and Japan cannot deny.

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