Woudsense we believe that furniture is not “what we see and touch every day” but it is “how we feel”. Because the way of feelings - our mood, is universal and intrinsic to one’s existence. In this collection, our team explores that mood through an interesting journey of mixing and matching. That journey is not only presented by an unpredictable blend of materials, colors, and textures, but also spirits, which is inspired and expressed balanced by both Vietnamese craftsmanship tradition and European design. 

Originated from a tropical country, we seek to breathe in the charm of tropical climates, where there are the warm sunshine and youthful vitality. At the heart of everything we do, there is only one principle: harmoniously combine different ideas while still remaining true to our deep-rooted characteristics. 

The result is not only pleasant but also gives wonderful fruits: a harmonious collection of youthful wooden furniture with glass, fabric, and metal inlaying.