Highly skilled craftsmanship are embedded in Vietnam’s culture for a long time. Historically, Vietnamese people are known for their skillful hands and meticulousness in crafting intricate products. The characteristic of Vietnamese craft people, which has been fostered for thousands of years, is in fact that of the artisan. This implies sincere attention to every aspect of the product as well as the meticulousness made with dedication.

At Woudsense, our furniture takes form by a fusion of designing, modern workmanship, and traditional craftsmanship. As designing is a creative process of inventing forms, workmanship is the process of skillfully filling that forms with materials, craftsmanship to us is taking time to create our furniture with a passion for details and the utmost care, from designing concepts, choosing materials, to prototyping and bringing the concepts to life. At the same time, we give great attention to every step of the manufacturing process, to ensure all products follow the highest quality of workmanship standards. 

Made in Vietnam indicates meticulousness, dedication, and passion for details. We are a furniture design company coming from Vietnam, and more specifically, Saigon.