Every major city has its heyday - a peak period where influence, freedom, and creativity all thrive together to set them on the global stand, like the swinging ’60s London, the punk-driven ’70s New York or the glamorous ’90s of Hong Kong. For all those great cities, there was that moment of relentless growth and fast change – and the future looked glamorous. That is where our Saigon is now, as it develops and modernizes quickly amid a rich cultural heritage.

Our Saigon is dynamic and energetic, always enthusiastic to try new things and open to new experiences. There is a fresh and youthful energy that belongs to Saigon only. That is why so many people live in Saigon love what they do because they see it's being welcomed. 

There is a positive vitality running through its veins, encouraging its people to live their best lives. As a company based in Saigon, we love it here and we love what we do. We aim to infuse the city’s spirit, its vibrancy, and intimate charm into our furniture designs, like a way to export our way of living to the world. 

Photography: Van Thanh

Source of photography: Unflash